Saturday, July 5, 2014

Summer Sonic Concert Series - Dingbatz NJ - DJ DarkGift Birthday Blowout

Please Feel Free To Share Our Event, Come On Out To Dingbatz on 7/26 and Celebrate My B-Day & See Some Great Bands, Thanks For Your Time Everyone. DJDG.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Back! So Let Me Hear Ya!

Hi there folks....sorry for my absence of has been somewhat chaotic for your friendly Poppy, decided to pop in and say hi and that for all you awesome, unsigned bands out there, reviews are still happening here at DGR! 

Wanna be reviewed? Simple!

Leave me some feedback by comment here or at my FB page, and I'll see what can be done...only alternative, unsigned bands please....

You may also know, or not, that our resident DJ DarkGift was involved in an accident recently, I shall say no more but include the link below...a little help goes a long way ♥

So, bands...let me hear ya - you could be reviewed and pimped for FREE ;) 

Peace all, Poppy )0( ☼

DJ DarkGift's Link

Poppy's FB Page

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Featured Band - Boneshaker

Good day folks. Time for another featured band here at DGR! Today, I wish to bring to you a talented hard hitting band called Boneshaker.

Boneshaker are a metal band -

Troy Alexander on guitar
Roy Alexander on bass
Sam Leighton on drums

Listening to their music is an interesting experience. A lot of influences in there to grasp. A favourite for me would be "Bad Karma Mad Man". There is an almost psychedelic intro to this track but don't be soons turns out to be powered metal guitars and vocals that are potent. 

For those who like metal music, this is traditional metal with a twist of energy and will guarantee a power kick. It is the lime to kick the tequila into action (wink).

There is a nostalgic feeling to their music too. A vague recollection of days spent in happy times just chilling to some great music that takes you away from reality for a while and of course allows you to identitify meanings in your life.

So, ladies and gentlemen, metallers and music lovers, ghosts and ghouls alike, please take the time out to support Boneshaker by clicking on the links below. 

Congratulations on being a Featured Artist here at DGR Boneshaker!

Peace all, Poppy Ruth Silver

Boneshaker at FB
Boneshaker at Reverbnation

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Featured Band - Controlled Disorder

Welcome back fellow sunbeams :)

For this feature I wish to bring your attention to a band from Latina, Italy,  called Controlled Disorder.

The band was founded in 2008 and are Federica Velli and Fabio Fabozzi. They describe their music as Electro/Minimal Pop. Listening to their music is an experience of many emotions. It is raw, potent, excellent production and flowing with ease. Vocals are sublime, deliverance is sensational and there are unique ideas to be found through the journey of listening.

Controlled Disorder are highly recommended by my humble self!

Be sure to check them out at the links below and give them some more than earned respect and support!

Follow the links below to hear Controlled Disorder -

Controlled Disorder's Website
Controlled Disorder at Facebook
Controlled Disorder at Soundcloud
Controlled Disorder at Reverbnation

Monday, August 5, 2013

Featured Musician - Vlay

Hello all! 

Hope this blog finds you all in good spirits. Its that time again folks. Featured Musician time! The feature this week goes to a talented band named Vlay. Some of you may have aready heard their music via FB or Reverbnation. If you have not heard their music, then you are in for a treat!

"Vlay's music is a mix of hard rock,metal & blues with a latin influence. The music changes like a chameleon blending styles that creates Vlay's unique sound. In todays complex music industry having a unique style is the only way to survive. Our musical goals are to create music that makes you want to bang your head and shake your ass. Gary Vlay Gabriel's undulating cadence at vocals sets Vlays unique style. Along with Abram Ortiz's musical insight & genius producing talents. And rounding out the cast is the Legend John Sorenson which brings his classic rock and blues styles at guitar"

Vlay says "Without music the world would be mute. Rock On!!!!!"

They class themselves as rock, alternative, metal and blues and are from North Monterey. Their influences range from Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in Chains, Pantera, Godsmack,Three Days Grace, Disturbed, Slipknot and many more.

Band members include - 

Gary Vlay Gabriel - Vocals and guitar 
Abe Ortiz - drums, bass, guitar and keyboards 
John Sorenson - lead Guitar

What more can be added to that?!  But you know me...there is always something to add (wink). I have been listening to the music of Vlay for a while now and what I find so intensely moving about it is the passion. Yes, all musicians have a passion in their deliverance of their music but Vlay's is belting power.

Not only do you get to hear his voice, deep and raw, emotional and purging, you are confronted with intricate guitar work, hard and tender, transcending and inviting. Their songs are designed with compassion and need, want and heartfelt emotion and allow the listener to breathe in time with their desires and need of release. 

"Nasty Habit" is a song I shall never forget. I remember hearing this song and was blown away by the stamina and energy. I must admit I did smile and even share a laugh at the boldness of the lyrics. me, rock has got to have guts and this song? Well...don't take my word for it, go hear for yourself! Its power won't leave you in a hurry, I can assure you (smiling again) and aside from the sheer penetration of Gary's vocals throughout this song, the guitars are amazing. Stunning work and build up in fact.

"Creep" and yes you guessed it, a cover of the Radiohead song is mind blowing in its deliverance. Listening to this, I am rendered not only moved but distanced through emotion. The guitar work, as always, is tenderly conveyed and the vocals to this song are luring and you can hear just how much the song is felt by the band. Nuff said I think. As I sit here listening to it, tears are always on the verge of falling. Why? Because Gary's voice yearns in the song and shows the listener the potent meaning of it.

"Son of Sam" is a energetic rock piece of work with an almost psychedelic feel to the guitar work and then bam! All hits in a frenzy of passionate rock. For those who like great lyrics as well as balanced guitars and well timed drumming, this will rock your world!

It is hard to pinpoint a single song that I like the most but I shall leave you to interpret Vlay's music for yourselves. One thing is certain. If you have a true, and I mean true love for music, you will see nothing but talent in Vlay. They reach out with conviction and make you want more. You find yourself singing their songs when away from the screen and even in the shower. What? Good therapy is singing in the shower (laughing). 

So ladies and Gentlemen, without warbling on more, I shall include Vlay's links below in the hope you pop over and hit like and listen and support them. I am off to listen to "Bad Day". A personal favourite of mine. 

I bring to you Vlay.

Peace all! Poppy.

Vlay at Facebook
Vlay at Reverbnation

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Featured Musician - Bruce Leitch

Good day DGR! 

I hope you are all well? It soon comes around to post another fabulous musician here at the DGR blogspot. Anyone else not now where the time goes? Maybe Mercury in Retrograde has stolen it of late (smiling).

Today I wish to bring to you the music of Bruce Leitch

Bruce is a musician from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He desrcibes his music as experimental, electronic, nanostudio and noise. 

Bruce creates myriad soundscapes that unnerve and open the heart. To listen to his music is to experience a vastness of sorts, a void and yet a moment of clarity. It is to feel the tangible terror we daily live under and also the enlightening emotion of liberation, both are possible at the same time.

Listening to his music is inspiring and unsettling. For those who need something different to reflect upon, I highly recommend Bruce's music. It will leave a sting and also a soothing quality to your day. It will leave you questioning and we forget to do so at times when we take things at face value. Sometimes it is good to delve deeper in order to seek answers for the soul. 

His music is raw and calm. It is open to interpretation and also suggestive. It is a soundscape of many intentions and intelligently delivered with insight and wisdom.

So folks. Please go and have a listen to Bruce's work at the links below and leave a comment, share, like etc.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Humans and Aliens - I bring to you - Bruce Leitch! 

Peace all.

Poppy xx

Bruce Leitch at Soundcloud

Bruce Leitch at Facebook

Bruce Leitch at Youtube

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

DGR Featured Musician - Mount Analogue

Good day to you all. Once more, it is time to feature an outstanding musician. This Feature goes to Mount Analogue. A musician from Glasgow in the UK.

To listen to Mount Analogue is know the ebb and flow of emotion. I have rapidly grown to appreciate and love the myriad influences in Mount Analogue's work. His devotion to the intricate journey of sound is awe inspiring. His music is a soundscape to unsettle, intrigue, quench and provoke thought. The surreal quality to his music is luring in many aspects and the unsettling aura to it will leave you feeling both entertained as well as intrigued.

If there was a chance to listen to music that inspires, moves, washes you ashore, lets you drown, gives you more questions than answers and lets your heart purge infinitely, this is it :) There is always an interesting, emotive moment. Always a chance to address the soul's wandering thoughts and distance yourself from this so called reality. Mount Analogue has many projects on the go and is always releasing top quality music to relish and change the perception. His music challenges boundaries put in place to control us all.

Mount Analogue also owns and operates Give It Water Records. He has a diverse taste in music and film and likes many genres, including Jim O'Rourke, Tortoise, Steve Reich, Cocteau Twins, Angelo Badalamenti, Ulver, Cornelius Cardew, Stanley Kubrick, Philip Glass, Ben Frost, Brian Eno, Stars Of The Lid, Matmos, Andrei Tarkovsky, Labradford, John Cage, Stereolab, Einstürzende Neubauten, Autechre, Fennesz, David Lynch, Arvo Part and Gaspar Noé.
All in all, Mount Analogue's music is layered with perfection. A dream within dream. A chillout to distorted landscapes. A whirlpool of emotion that hits hard and leaves you dazed.

So without another sentence folks, hit the links below and give this awesome artist some credit where it is due. I bring to you, Mount Analogue.

Peace all, Poppy.

Mount Analogue Links -

Mount Analogue Music to Purchase
Mount Analogue on Soundcloud
Mount Analogue Official Website for News and More